THE FORMER RESIDENT PROJECT explores the city through the narratives of the no-longer resident, people whose lives have been shaped by their experiences of places they no longer inhabit or an examination of our own past lives within the places we live in now. For many of us, ‘residence’ is a multiple thing, a series of spaces, places, narratives and residues that shift and slip over time.

The FORMER RESIDENT PROJECT is an ongoing series of multifaceted, creative collaborations with many participants in multiple cities. Each project takes a different form within a different context and happens in the streets and on-line. The project is interdisciplinary and draws from ideas of site-specific theatre, psychogeography, gaming, scenography, urban studies, relational aesthetics, story-telling, performance studies and intermedia art practices.

THE FORMER RESIDENT PROJECT (Brooklyn) is presented as part of CONFLUX 2006: a festival of contemporary psychogeography September 14 - 17, 2006
FRP (B) includes multiple participants, all former ‘residents’ of Brooklyn. Each participant has donated stories about things that happened in particular locations, the stories they choose to tell from the memories that stuck.
Participants: Charlotte Barker, JR Carpenter, David Khang, Adriene Jenik, Carol Weliky, Kim Morgan, Jenny Levison, Marlena Corcoran, Jessica Greenberg, Myron Moss, Jane Deschner, Rupert Hartley, Michelle Jacques and Suzanne Lindgren.
Each story has been printed onto a fridge magnet and posted near the address listed on this website… waiting to find a new home and to become a part of someone else’s Brooklyn story.

is a collaborative project with Dr Kathleen Irwin and students in Scenography at the Unviersity of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland, Aug 27 and 28, 2007.

FRP (H) is a workshop, a reading list, a theoretical framework, a consideration of site, a conversation, a story, a performance, a piece of documentation and a tour. Questions posed to participants:how do you engage with your city as both a present space and as an archeology of past events? How have you learnt about your city through the stories of people who no longer live here in Helsinki? Participants are requested to come to the workshop with a person, a story and a location in mind.
Participants: Salli Kari, Milla Martikainen, Aino Koski, Monika Hartl, Lassi Kansikas, Juhana Hirvonen, Alisha Davidow, Johanna Adebäck.

a project developed and coordinated by rachelle viader knowles
Thanks to: Myron Campbell, Rafael Sacramento, Greg Moss, Fazail Lutfi, John Hampton, Laura Grondahl, Kirsi Renni and all the participants.